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  • Depression therapy

    London can be a very lonely city, even though we are surrounded by scores of people every day. Many expectations are placed on us by society, employers, family and friends, and to admit that you are not coping is often seen and experienced as failure. Bottling up these feelings of hopelessness and fear can often lead to depression. In addition to this, all of us have been profoundly affected by experiences growing up.

    It is a scientific fact that those childhood experiences shaped the way our mind works, and understanding how we are affected by those experiences can help us to make sense of the way we experience the world and those around us, and with this understanding comes healing. Often we are unable to discuss our deepest feelings with family and friends, which is when talking with a therapist can be very beneficial.

    At London West End Counselling Service you will be met with unconditional acceptance of whatever you are going through or feeling. It is not uncommon for clients to speak with the therapist about things that he or she has never discussed with anyone, and the psychological healing which takes place when these previously “hidden” feelings or experiences are discussed can be very powerful. During the process of therapy it is also not uncommon to discover “forgotten” experiences which has an impact on your way of being today. This is the process of therapy which has proved to be very beneficial to many. The therapist will support and assist you in this process and the genuine acceptance and empathy you will experience will give you the space to heal.
  • Couples or Relationship counselling

    If you are seeking relationship counselling, you are likely to be committed to your relationship with your partner, but have come to an impasse. The difficulty is often that you do not feel fully understood by your partner. It is also possible that due to your own history and experiences, you find it difficult to understand why certain things your partner does hurt you, and if you are unable to express this to your partner, he or she can feel hopeless and both of you can sometimes not see a way out.

    Sometimes individuals will seek relationship counselling individually without their partner. If you come together as a couple, your therapist will provide a safe environment where you can both express what you are feeling, and the therapist will likely be able to help you hear and understand each other, and individually you may come to understand why you feel the way you do in the relationship and why you act the way you do. This understanding can bring healing in ways you didn’t know was possible. During couples counselling the therapist remains impartial. Both of you will be met with unconditional acceptance.
  • Therapy for anxiety

    Anxiety can take many forms. It can have a debilitating affect on your general wellbeing and your ability to function. Sometimes anxiety can be linked to specific events or circumstances, and working through those issues can bring relief. Other times the cause of the anxiety is unknown, and this “unknown” can in itself exasperate the feeling of anxiety.

    Having a space to openly speak about your anxiety without judgement can be very beneficial. Together you and the therapist will explore the nature of your anxiety, and if appropriate, explore the possible causes and way forward.
  • Therapy for family issues

    Relationships with our family members can be complicated. Past and buried hurts can at times become unbearable. Changes in circumstances also have the potential to cause psychological distress (for example divorce, a new baby, a death or illness in the family or when your children become teenagers or move out of the house). Talking through your true feelings in a safe and confidential environment can ease this tension and often help you to see the way forward.

    During therapy your therapist will offer you unconditional acceptance of whatever feelings you may have and together you will explore the difficulty you are experiencing. This may help you to understand your own feelings which can allow you to make decisions which will be beneficial.
  • Addiction therapy

    Addiction can present in many ways: It can be an addiction to Illegal drugs, alcohol, prescription medication (tranquilisers, painkillers, sleeping tablets), sexual addiction, pornography (to name a few). If you are seeking help with your addiction, it has likely escalated to a point where it is becoming more and more difficult to function normally, or you are eager to become healthier.

    It may be helpful to understand that even if you are using illegal drugs, whatever you talk about in therapy will be completely confidential. In the rare case where your therapist feel that you are in serious risk of harm due to drug use, he may discuss with you options available and a possible course of action (for example, speaking with your GP), but your therapist will not contact anyone on his own accord.

    Much shame can be attached to addiction and having an opportunity to discuss your problem in complete confidentiality can help you to find a way out. Exploring the reasons for your addiction with a non-judgemental, empathic therapist can help you to gain understanding and self acceptance, ultimately leading to freedom from addiction.
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